18 December 2011

Temple Sholom of Scotch Plains/Fanwood, NJ - 8th Grade - L'Atid Lavo Future of Reform Judaism Resolution 2011

We, the next generation of Reform Judaism, in order to build upon our current religious practices realize that we must take the old and turn it into something new and relevant while keeping the general values and ideas of the Reform movement alive.

For our services, we agree we should keep Hebrew due to the overall connection to other Jews and lack of direct translation. But we should incorporate the vernacular language so everyone fully understands our prayers.

As long as our congregation engages in the words of Torah, it doesn't matter how we engage as long as we do because Torah brings forth many of our morals. We support Torah forever being translated differently.

Mitzvot are always going to be a part of Jewish life. As times change, so do mitzvot. As Jews, we feel that it is important to carry on the tradition of mitzvot.


We commit ourselves to continuing our Jewish education.

We are committed to educating younger generations on the traditions and values of Judaism as a whole.

We are committed to using Jewish morals in our everyday lives to set an example for all others to follow.

We are committed to looking for as many mitzvot in our daily lives as possible no matter how big or small.

signed this 18 of December 2011, in class assembled, while participating long-distance in the URJ Biennial plenary:

Ethan Lyte
Jordan Cooke
Tori Sciara
Elizabeth Smith
Isaac Amador
Harry Wachtel
Zachary Fechtner
Cassandra Teschner
Jamie Abar
Dylan Abar
Sydney Brown
Matthew Baker
Eva Isaacs
Alex Frier